How to test 2 years of behavior

for 16 70 countries

in 4 minutes... 18 minutes

Giorgio Sironi

Giorgio Sironi (@giorgiosironi)

I work for eLife Sciences
  • I'm a developer (writes code, design stuff)
  • Interested in
    • Automated testing and TDD
    • Object-oriented programming
    • Distributed systems

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Context diagram of Onebip components Onebip logo

What we wanted to do

  • daily deployment
  • refactor the hidden legacy code in the core system
  • deal with moving and complex requirements, always know what's live

The standard solution

unit end-to-end
fast slower
isolated all-encompassing, covering even legacy
1000s 100s
technical customer-facing
"A return code of 709143 is FAILED" "I am billed with the message 'Thank you for your purchase'"
Bicycle toolkit Cycling

Introducing simulators

Simulators replace real operator servers
"Just test with the real thing you mockist design-damager!"

A run of the suite when tested with real mobile phone operators (which have no preproduction systems) costs about 500 EUR

Simulator API

SimulatedUser::addBilling($phoneNumber, $amount) : boolean
new SimulatedUser($mongoCollection);

TDD at the System Scale

If you can't test results through the API (need to look into the database directly for results), you're missing a way to monitor and drive the real system.

Tests are just another client of

  • Merchant notifications (SUBSCRIPTION_ACTIVATED)
  • Logs of calls between components
  • Domain Events raised
"Stop introducing APIs just for testing you mockist design-damager!"

A run of our suite if executed manually by someone would take several weeks to complete. You can test with real databases, but not with real time.

1st try: PHPUnit

PHPUnit Testcase object graph

1st try: PHPUnit

public function testAIusacellUserWithMoneyCanActivateASubscription($serviceId, ...)

2nd try: Behat

Given I am a US user
When I subscribe to US_BROWSER_GAME
Then I am billed 3.00 USD

2nd try: Behat

Behat object graph

The renewals problem

Given I am a US user
And I have subscribed to US_BROWSER_GAME a week ago
Then I am renewed with a 3.00 USD billing?

Execution time: 168 hours

Time passing is a Command to the system

Given I am a US user
And I have subscribed to US_BROWSER_GAME
When a week has passed
Then I am renewed with a 3.00 USD billing

Business time API

$ curl -X POST '' \
  -H 'X-Some-Authentication: ...'
  -d 'ticks=168'
    now: "2014-05-16T09:30:00Z"

The race condition problem

They expose design problems that may become serious bugs in production under large traffic.

The "integrated tests are slow" problem

    $ time vendor/bin/behat features/
    ... much later
    real    121m6.114s

Discovery: our applications support concurrency

Users in production environment

The code for parallelization

grep -nHR "Scenario:" features/ | sort -t: -k1,1 -k2,2n \
| cut -d ":" -f1,2 | parallel -P 200% --gnu --halt-on-error=0 \
--keep-order "php bin/behat {}" 
by @badkill

Final results

X countries with 2 years of simulated time, in X minutes

Configuring new countries, merchant and services with confidence

Stop regressions while daily integrating (and deploying) the work of multiple teams and microservices

Living documentation (at least for the developers)

Enabling cleanup of legacy code now covered

Simulating the feasibility of a scenario in minutes

Built a sandbox for integration of merchants where they do not spend real money


Specification by example Growing Object-Oriented Software, guided by tests


@giorgiosironi @eLife (of course, we're hiring)